Issue 11 – published.


It’s all about Health & Well-being this month.

We love discussing health, fitness & well-being at ManDad. After all, if you’re not well, then you’re not in a position to take care of anyone else. Our partners and children need us to be well, in mind and body, so we have a duty to take care of ourselves and keep it going long-term.

In Issue 10, we take a look at several aspects of well-being. We’ve come up with FEMPSS – Financial, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Social – and in this Issue, we cover all of these except for the ‘mental’ aspect, as we’ve written many times on the topic already. Take a look back over previous publications to catch up on all things mental health.

You’ll also find articles on nutrition, with healthy ‘date night’ suggestions, ideas for ways to get physically fit, and our travel piece this month is Snowdonia. Have you climbed Snowdon yet?

We’ve also got reading suggestions for anyone looking to up their Dadding game and a special offer from MANSCAPED – get your grooming game on with 20% off!

We’ve included Part III of our Domestic Abuse/ Violence series and covered aspects of masculinity, with Part II of that to follow next month. There’s information also about Maternal Mental Health Week coming up in May, and you can read some great answers to questions from readers in our Ask A Mama section.

And, we’re supporting Fathering Together in their campaign regarding paid paternity leave, shared care and equal leave for Dads. The American organisation has partnered with Hey Mirza and Superkin to tackle the issues facing Dads who want to be at home connecting with their new baby. In the UK, Dads are typically offered 2 weeks off, that’s it. Follow the #ThisWorkingDadCares campaign and get pictured with your pledge –

Your next instalment of the GROWTH Program is ready to go – see what Levi has to say about motivation and momentum, and make sure you do your homework!

To contribute a #DadStory, email us – and title your message with #Story.

Have fun with Issue 10. And we cannot wait for you to see who’s on the front cover of Issue 11. Our first female on the front said she “would be delighted” to be our cover model. She’s an international superstar with a long and highly successful career as a singer, songwriter, performer, actress, business Woman, and more!

We are very excited at #TeamManDad – don’t miss next month’s Magazine!


Be safe, be well, and ‘Do It Like A ManDad’ – #dilamd

Lordë De Laurentiis

Editor In Chief