Issue 7 release


Merry Christmas Men & Dads, and a Happy New Year!

Another busy month has gone by, and in this Issue, we’re focused on the New Year and making 2022 the best year ever!

Is it possible to look back in 12 months time and see significant changes? Of course. In 12 months, there are 365 days; that’s 8,760 hours, or 525,600 minutes! At any given minute on any day of the week, we have a choice to make. We can choose to make good decisions, we can choose to do the right thing, and we can choose to move our lives forward so that we’re closer to our goals and dreams.

At ManDad, we like to dream BIG! We see the long-term wider vision, and we take steps every day to work towards that end goal. There are things we want for the Company, and there are things that we want for our contributors, collaborators and our audience. We want to take you with us on this journey and enjoy the ride. And we want to do a whole bunch of awesome stuff for Dads everywhere. We’re helping to raise awareness around topics such as mental health, suicide prevention, and the way that Men are perceived in relation to caring for their children.

We’re working hard to reach more Men and more Dads, both in the UK and around the world. My recent meetings and conversations have included Dads in Africa, Australia and America. It’s amazing to connect with so many different people, and our cover model this month is also an international Dad.

Born in Russia but forged in Ireland, Artem Lobov, is a former UFC and Bare Knuckle fighter. We take a look at his fighting background, and we’ll be releasing an exclusive interview in the New Year. Artem is also a Dad, and so what we want to know is, which is harder, fighting or fatherhood? We ask about current commitments, future projects and life after fighting.

In this Issue, you’ll also find a New Year checklist to help you kick-start 2022, and there’s the GROWTH Program from Levi to help you move forward. We’ve held a couple of heavier topics from this Issue due to it being Christmas & New Year, so we’ll pick up our domestic violence and child custody series in Issue 8.

We recently announced the ManDad Hero Awards for December 2022, and more information will follow regarding individual categories and how to nominate. We have another exciting announcement to come in early January, so watch this space! And don’t forget to find us on all the social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, YouTube and TikTok.

Enjoy Issue 7 and we’ll see you in 2022.

Be safe, be well, and ‘Do It Like A ManDad’ – #dilamd

Lordë De Laurentiis