ManDad Media Magazine Launch


Press Release

There are plenty of mum’s magazines out there, but what about the dads? That is the question being answered by ManDad Media Ltd. when ManDad Magazine launches this Father’s Day.

The magazine is jam-packed with information and resources to help you be the best dad you can be. Inside, you’ll find articles about everything from being an active father, raising kids with disabilities, surviving divorce, and starting your own business as a stay at home dad. It’s not all about parenting, though, as the magazine covers lifestyle advice and information, plus relevant products and services.

You’ll also find articles about new products, advice columns, popular discussion and news and entertainment. The magazine aims to fill some of the gaps left by traditional media, as there tends to be more focus on motherhood than fatherhood.

ManDad Magazine is a monthly digital publication by dads, for dads, covering the good, bad, and ugly aspects of parenting. Each month you’ll hear from real dads, as well as experts and professionals in their field. National and international campaigns will be featured, relating to a monthly theme – for the launch Issue, it’s Mental Health & Suicide Prevention.

ManDown is the charitable element. 50p from the £3.50 cover will go towards funding mental health and suicide prevention projects and initiatives. ManDad Media Ltd. understands that men are more at risk of taking their own lives. The risks increase where men live in deprived areas, are out of work or experiencing a family break-up. The magazine is a new, funky, yet informative tool to engage men and help save lives.

The magazine is accompanied by a fantastic new website that allows dads to come together in a safe online community. There you will find forums in which members can talk to and support each other, regardless of where they are in the world.

If you’re looking for something new to read or something different this Father’s Day, grab a FREE copy of Issue One. You can sign-up at