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Are we under pressure to settle down and start a family, or is there less pressure because everyone else is doing it, so you don’t have to?
What are the benefits of being single?
What might you miss out on if you don’t get married and/or have kids?
Perhaps you’ve tried for years and are resigned to the fact that it will never happen – how do you deal with the heartbreak?
Where are the guys who appear to ‘have it all’, and how about those who choose to focus solely on themselves and their careers?
And if we’re not having kids, what are we doing?
Do Men lose their identity when they get married or have children? – family members, friends, hobbies & interests tend to fall by the way-side. How can we fix that?
Does having kids bring more meaning to your life? Does it provide purpose, or pressure, or both?
Do you resent having kids – did you make the wrong decision? Would you go back and change things if you could?

Whatever your take on having kids, we’d like to hear from you.

And as always, we often go off-topic! So, if you want to drop in for a chat, open up, ask a question, or just listen in to us waffling on, then we look forward to hanging out with you on The Manly Chatshow!

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